Landmark Homes


“Don’t build a house, build a Landmark.”

Experts in home design, we have more than 35 years’ experience in building homes that are exquisite to look at, and fabulous to live in and we know that people are at the heart of every home.

Locally owned in each region, Landmark Homes as a well-deserved reputation as one of the best when it comes to quality, service, design, workmanship and value for money.

We have three distinct building options to choose from, Design & Build, Ready to Build and Remove and Rebuild, that enable you to create a unique masterpiece, put your stamp on an existing floor plan that is proven to succeed, or to redevelop a site with an existing building on it.

Landmark Homes franchises are longstanding Registered Master Builders, which means every new homeowner receives a 10-year Master Build Guarantee, ensuring peace of mind and security in your investment.

“Building homes is about building dreams and it is our privilege to help people realise their dreams.”
Debbie Clarke, Franchisor

Key Information

Design & Build Often we have an idea of what our dream home looks like, but bringing those ideas together can prove difficult. With Design & Build, we give you the practical help and expertise needed to make your ideas work together.

Ready to Build Our Ready to Build plan collection is an inspirational starting point for the journey to owning your new home. Take advantage of the fluidity of our design process by stamping your mark on your Landmark. There are more than 100 plans to choose from.

Remove & Rebuild Love your neighbourhood but not your house? Found the perfect section in the perfect suburb, with a less than perfect house on it? Want to sub-divide but your house is smack bang in the middle of the section? Then, our Remove & Rebuild process could be the option for you.

Registered Master Builders