Made Homes


Made Homes is passionate about delivering affordable housing to Kiwi families.

We are constantly striving to keep up with new and improved design and building techniques. We look to include new technologies that allow us to construct efficient homes, some of these ideas include off-site preparation of materials, new higher end products and design elements which allow us to reduce the traditional build time-frames.

We also specialise in building only two and three bedroom homes, this it to ensure homes are kept at affordable prices. We believe all Kiwi’s should have the opportunity to own their own home or rental property and we want to do our part to help achieve this.

We believe every family deserves to live in a home that is warm, dry and quiet. A home that they can be proud of.

Low price! Fantastic product! Building homes more efficiently.

Key Information

Design & Build
Affordable Housing

Head Office Address

40 Cheshire Street
Parnell, Auckland 1052