North Homes


North Homes, 25 years of experience in civil and structural engineering, a construction service that can be tailored to anyone’s requirements.

To achieve this level of assistance, we needed to do more than cater to all budgets. Rather, we found that all-encompassing support stemmed from a team of innovative minds and partnerships with a diversity of specialists.

North Homes grew! Our team evolved, becoming a collective of passionate workers that’s made by our family, friends, and a network of talented sub-traders.

Whether you’re passionate about sustainability, a specific design movement, a type of functionality, or perhaps all three… We can make any dream a possibility.

We made North Homes real, because that’s just what we do... We listen to your dreams, focus on your goals, and build them into reality. Construction doesn’t start and end with building, you’ll find the journey is bigger than that. It’s a time to realise your dreams and establish them today with North Homes.

Key Information

New Builds
Renovations & Recladding
Commercial Fit-Outs
No-Obligation Consultation

Head Office Address

PO Box 519, Silverdale, Auckland 0944